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Donkeys Need Donkey Buddies

by Tara Pilonero


We strongly recommend that donkeys go to homes with another donkey buddy so that everyone (including you) is happy and healthy.  Donkeys are a quite different socially than horses and this difference means they really need another donkey.  Regardless of how much time the donkey has human companionship during the day it won’t be enough unless you are able to camp outside with them too or let them in the house.  They are extremely social and affectionate animals. While donkeys are still herd animals, they will pair off with a best friend donkey buddy for life.  This is one of the big social differences between horses and donkeys.  Donkeys are buddy animals within a herd and horses are herd animals only.  When life permits, donkey pairs will remain bonded for life and they will do absolutely everything together.  Even within a bigger herd the paired off buddies will eat, sleep, play, and protect each other every moment of every day.  They are inseparable and love each other deeply.  They will also strongly bond to their human family much like a dog does.  They develop strong attachments.  Unlike horses they even prefer to be stalled together with their best friend.  They are not assertive with each other the way horses are with each other and you will even find them cuddling with each other...and with you.  Consequently, we will only sell donkeys to homes where they can be in a bonded pair because without it they can become very depressed and vocal which can lead to sickness and frustration in keeping them when they start to misbehave because they are so lonely.  A horse or other livestock companion is not the same thing and doesn't meet their social or emotional needs in the same way as another donkey.  You will find that all good breeders will have this donkey buddy requirement.  We don’t like to set up our clients or our fur babies for failure.  

We do offer discounts on pairs and steep discounts for already bonded pairs to keep them together for that very reason.  

It really is important. 




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