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Trips Planned with free transport in route:

End of July/Early Aug two trips to NY, LI

July 22-23 trip to Maryland


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We do REQUIRE that our

donkeys to go to a home with another DONKEY

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SAW Macaroni

4 months old

4 months old

silly boy 6 months old

7 months old with Pearl

8 months old

8 months old

Dark brown micro jack
DOB: 5 Aug 2015
Birth Height:
19.5", height at 8 months 24.25", estimated adult height 27.5"

Lord's Hill War Dusty, 27.5", dark brown WOOLY carrier

LN Mr. Pips Queak , 26", black

LUA Maxx's Deja Vu, 31" black
AA Dyna Bit, 30.25" brown
Lord's Hill Raven's War Paint , 31 " gray spotted MSF WOOLY Two Bit Warlock, 31" gray spot WOOLY
Lord's Hill Reba's Raven, 32" dk brown
Arrow Creek Kosta, 32.5" brown Arrow Creek Kostas , 31.5" gray spotted Valley Hy Harry's Laddy 34" gray/wht spot
Arrow Creek Angel 33" red
DLE Angel , 31" gray wooly Hartman Donkey's Peanuts, 29.25" gray
Hartman Donkey's Molly Bee, 32.5" gray

This spectacular little jack is extremely sweet and playful. He is already showing some interest in jennets. Mac is going to be extremely small like his sire, Dusty. I have loved his build since the day he was born and I won't be disappointed if he doesn't sell and stays here! He is an extremely nice micro wooly jack. He seems to be a medium wooly and his mane is long and flops over. You had better hurry before I change my mind and replace Dusty with him!




Very dark brown gelding
DOB: 15 May 2015
Height: immature

Bainbridge's Murphy, 32.5" black spotted

GM Conrad's Preferred Stock, 32.5", dark brown spot


Bainbridge's Burnt Coffee, 32", black

SAW Jane Dough , ~32" dark brown semi wooly

Arrow Creek Tracer, 32.25", black NLP wooly

Arrow Creek Black Jack, 31.5", black with cross NLP
Arrow Creek Traci, 32", gray wooly

Furball Acres Tabatha, 32.5", gray spotted semi wooly

Lil' Longears Casper, 33.5" ivory (blue eyed white)
ACS Jackie, 31", dk brown spotted

Jediah is for sale for a friend. He is here at our farm. He has a nice build and size for eventual use as a cart donkey. He enjoys being brushed. He had long hair on his belly that had to be trimmed off. We are working on getting him registered with ADMS in the MDR. Jedi has a current Coggins. He is recovering from WLD in a front hoof, but is doing well and it will grow out fine with regular hoof care. He would like to go to a home with another donkey.

Sale Pending


About our Donkey Sales


All of our donkeys are well socialized and handled daily.

They are all used to and good with our dogs, cattle, and cats.

Our donkeys are all vaccinated annually, dewormed regularly, and have thier feet trimmed every 3 months (or more often if needed especially if young).

All donkeys sold for over $1500 will have a Coggins test and Health Certificate provided if needed.

Their health and happiness is our top priority.

We will not sell donkeys to homes that do not have other animals for them to live with and much prefer to have them go to homes with at least one other donkey. They are much happier animals and better pets if they have a donkey friend.

All of our donkeys are sold with a new halter, lead rope, health records, transfer papers, information on how to care for your donkey(s), and assorted other donkey information.

We can accept payment plans and even Paypal (add 3% to sales price for Paypal payments).

A 20% deposit will hold your donkey for you. All donkeys must be paid for and picked-up within 3 months. If you opt out of a donkey sale within one week your deposit will be refunded. If you opt out after that your deposit can be credited toward another donkey for sale on the farm.

All donkeys must be paid for in full before leaving the farm. Personal checks must clear before they leave.

We will happily help you arrange for shipping nationally or internationally, but we do not provide shipping for you unless otherwise arranged. Shipping expenses are not our responsiblity.

If we do not have what you want we can either help you find your donkey(s) or you can be placed on our notification list. Just let us know. We are always happy to help.

Visitors are always welcome. Just contact us for an appointment.

Questions are always welcome. We love to talk donkey...even if we don't sell ya' one :-)

We are pretty firm on our prices (our animals are worth what we ask), but we will often consider assorted trades too...for other animals, tack, farm equipment, etc.

Jacks (intact males) are NOT pets:

A jack has all the impulses to perpetuate the species and the intelligence and strength to over power rivals - including you. IF YOU ARE NOT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF HANDLING THESE RULES - Don't keep a jack intact! Geldings make great and safe pets.



Tara Pilonero Wiles

(540) 750-6315 cell

(304) 466-2528 home



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