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We are happy to help international customers with transport arrangements.

We are planning trips soon:

Long Island, NY late July and mid Aug

Northern OH, midJuly

Free transport for any of our sale donkeys along the way!


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Arrow Creek Kosta

slick coated

Brown with Star Bred jennet
Mature Height: 32"
(81 cm)

DOB: 17 June, 2005

Arrow Creek Kostas 31.5" gray/wht spot

Valley Hy Harry's Laddy 34" gray/wht spot

Arrow Creek Harry 33.5" brn/wht spot (GP Peanut son, WOOLY)
Tammey Fae Crystal's EC 35" gray spot
Arrow Creek Angel 33" red MA Mr. Strawberry 34" red
Arrow Creek Angela 34" brown
DLE Angel , 31"gray WOOLY Hartman Donkey's Peanuts, 29.25" gray Mighty Mo, 29.5"WOOLY
Hartman? Midget, 29" dk brown
Hartman Donkey's Molly Bee, 32.5" gray untraced


2010 jack (sire: Gorky Park)
2012 jennet(sire: Gorky Park)
2013 brown jennet (sire: Tracer)
2014 (sire: Rowdy)

Kosta is a beautiful jennet with a fantastic pedigree. She is very special. Her fabulous wooly dam, DLE Angel, produced two foals before she was lost to a coyote attack in TX. Her first foal was Arrow Creek Hudini who is the sire of Arrow Creek Harry Houdini and the source of all that hair in that line. Kosta has wonderful conformation, perfect bite, and has produced some beautiful wooly foals for us when bred to a wooly. Her most recent foal is a red spotted jack so we now know she carries a gene for red (Ee).

*Being exposed to Lord's Hill War Dusty for a 2015 Summer foal.


$1250 after foal is weaned (Oct)

$2000 with her jack foal, Pass the Buck, by her side


SAW Pass the Buck

pictured at 1 month old

Red spotted jack (FFSW), possible ivory carrier
DOB: 16 May 2014
Birth Height:

N&D's Lonestar Rowdy I , 27.5", gray spotted ivory carrier

 GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29", gray spot

GP Oscar, 26.5" gray
GP Bernice, 29.5" gray spotted
Gee Haw's Rose Petal, 27.75" gray Someday's Cadillac Jack, 27" gray
Gee Haw's Morning Rose, 32.5" gray
Arrow Creek Kosta, 32.5" brown Arrow Creek Kostas , 31.5" gray spotted Valley Hy Harry's Laddy 34" gray/wht spot
Arrow Creek Angel 33" red
DLE Angel , 31" gray wooly Hartman Donkey's Peanuts, 29.25" gray
Hartman Donkey's Molly Bee, 32.5" gray

This very friendly little guy was a color surprise. This little jack has red and white eyelashes so we are pretty certain he is a red based spot. He is frosting out. He should be a handsome slick shiny long hair on this boy. He has very correct legs and seems to be on the smaller side so we are offering him as a herdsire prospect, show prospect, or fabulous pet.


(deposit will hold until weaning)

Special: $1500 with his buddy Oscar


SAW Oscar

Oscar and Pass the Buck at 1 month old

Gray with small star jack
DOB: May 2014
Birth Height:
quite small, didn't get

N&D's Lonestar Rowdy I , 27.5", gray spotted ivory carrier

GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29", gray spot

GP Oscar, 26.5" gray
GP Bernice, 29.5" gray spotted

Gee Haw's Rose Petal, 27.75" gray

Someday's Cadillac Jack, 27" gray
Gee Haw's Morning Rose, 32.5" gray
MGF Bananarama , 34" brn/wht spot WOOLY

Arrow Creek Harry Houdini , 34 " black WOOLY

Arrow Creek Hudini 30" black CURLY coat
L&G Farm Miss Corinda , 34" Gray

MGF Venus Sugar Snow 165, 33" gray spot WOOLY

Ark Park Acres Apple Dumpling , 33" dk brown WOOLY
MGF Venus Snow Blanket 726 , 33" gray spot WOOLY

This sweet boy is one of the friendliest foals we have had the pleasure of raising. He is a complete lovebug and a tiny little guy too. He looks like he will be a wooly little bear. He has an adorable little head, very correct legs with good bone, nicely proportioned, and the best personality. This cutie pie will be really sweet, small, and wooly. His bite is not perfect tooth on tooth so we are offering him only as a fantastic little pet gelding prospect.


(deposit will hold until weaning)

Special: $1500 with his buddy Pass the Buck


SAW Spring Peeper

Gray spotted jennet, wooly (carries red genetics)
DOB: 06 May 2014
Birth Height:

N&D's Lonestar Rowdy I , 27.5", gray spotted ivory carrier

 GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29", gray spot

GP Oscar, 26.5" gray
GP Bernice, 29.5" gray spotted
Gee Haw's Rose Petal, 27.75" gray Someday's Cadillac Jack, 27" gray
Gee Haw's Morning Rose, 32.5" gray
MGF Spring Song, 34" FFSW (red spotted) WOOLY MGF Stoli Too , 31" blk spotted wooly MGF Peabody, 33" gray/wht spotted wooly
MGF Venus Pon Farr, 31.5" dk brown
Boelen's Cricket of Annawan, dk brown wooly Sebastian's Brownie, 33" dk brown (may carry ivory)
Chocolate's Playmate, gray dun

This one is a definite show prospect with a fabulous build and hair to top it off. She has a pretty head with perfect bite as well as very correct build and super stocky like her dam. She is built like an absolute tank!!! She will be medium wooly as well. She is quite the package. Peeper carries red genetics so if you want to try to breed for a rare red wooly or fully frosted spotted white this is your girl.


(deposit will hold until weaning)


SAW Crow

pictured at 1 month old & standing on a steep hillside....better pics to come soon!

Jet Black jennet, few white hairs star, will be wooly
DOB: 19 May 2014
Birth Height: average, didn't get

Arrow Creek Tracer, 32.25" black NLP no cross/stripe WOOLY

 Arrow Creek Black Jack, 31.5" black with cross NLP

Arrow Creek Licorice , 33 " black with cross
B&S Ernestine , 31" gray

Arrow Creek Traci, 32" gray WOOLY

Arrow Creek Hudini , 30 " dk brown CURLY coat
Arrow Creek Doc, 31" gray
Furball Acres Raven 32.5" black no cross WOOLY

Mornstar Black Diamond Rocko , 35" black faint cross

Ozark Jocko Bandito, 31.5" dk brown
Noah's Ms. Oreo, 35" dk brown NLP

Oak Ridge Ellie , 34" brn/wht spot

Oak Ridge Spotted Lad, 33.5" dk brown/wht spot
Sutherlin's Little Rheta, 33.75" gray

This foal is out of my favorite jennet and I am unlikely to offer her foals for sale so this is a rare opportunity. Her 2010 jack foal sold for $7500 and went to the UK and he had to be majorly coaxed out of my paws. I still wish I had kept him. She makes the most amazing babies. They don't get any more black or silky soft than this. Crow is a full sister to Wookiee whom we retained. Raven is very silky soft and always seems to pass this to her foals. Wookiee is the same way still too. Crow will be a non-fading black long haired jennet like her sister and mom. Her sister Wookiee is almost micro small and we expect Crow will stay under 32" at maturity.


(deposit will hold until weaning)


MGF Venus Betty Boop

winter coat starting to grow in

Dark Red wooly barren jennet
Height: 32" (81 cm)

CP's Harry, 31" gray dun WOOLY

Rosebud II, NR

Untraced, NR untraced
MGF Venus Two Socks 619, gray/wht spotted GP Peanut, 32.5" brown wooly GP Cooter 34.5" brown/wht spotted
GP Pearl, 32.5" brown
MGF Venus de Milo 61, 32" brown LCR Valintino 50, 32" dark sorrel roan blaze
Boone's Little Patches, 35" black/wht spotted

Boop is a rare dark red wooly and very sweet. Unfortunatly we have not been able to get her in foal. She is being offered as a barren pet jennet. She does cycle regularly and likes her boys so she can also be used as a jack companion.



Spotted Acres Quisette

(Poitou Cross)

Mammoth x Poitou black no cross jennet
Height: 53" (134 cm,

Kevin of Spotted Acres, 56" Bia-Brun Poitou

Saadi du Bourg, 58.5" Bia-Brun French Poitou

Gaspard, French studbook Poitou
Oba, French studbook Poitou
Elsa du Bourg (of Spotted Acres), 58.5" Bia-Brun French Poitou Mikado, Bia-Brun French studbook Poitou
Vodka du Bourg, Bia-Brun French studbook Poitou
WXICOF Appy, 56" black/wht spot WXICOF Monty Montana, 53" black/wht spot Montana Pride & Joy, 57" spot
Montana Delight, 54" spot
WXICOF Judy, 50" dk brown Untraced

Quisette is 10 years old and registered with ADMS. I have never bred her but she is interested in the idea. She was abused and very defensive when I got her about 5 years ago. She is very friendly now. Her only vice is that she is not good about having her rear feet trimmed unless given oral Dormosedan then she is fantastic. I am selling her because she has become too assertive with our miniature donkeys and needs to be kept with donkeys her own size.

Reduced $1000


SAW Moonshine

Ivory jennet foal, should be a micro-mini
DOB: 12 February 2014
Birth Height: 20"

N&D's Lonestar Rowdy I , 27.5", gray spotted ivory carrier

 GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29", gray spot

GP Oscar, 26.5" gray
GP Bernice, 29.5" gray spotted
Gee Haw's Rose Petal, 27.75" gray
Someday's Cadillac Jack, 27" gray
Gee Haw's Morning Rose, 32.5" gray
Hauenstein's Purity, 30" blue eyed white
Pieratt Blanco, 34.5" blue eyed white
Jefferson Hall's Snowman, 33" blue eyed white
Hauenstein's Starlight, 33.5" blue eyed white
Pieratt Blanco, 34.5" blue eyed white
Pieratt Dallas, 33.5" blue eyed white

Moonshine is a very nice little ivory jennet that would make a wonderful addition to either an ivory program or a micro-mini program. We are not focused on breeding for ivory or non-wooly micros otherwise we would be keeping her. She has a good build and perfect bite. She is a very affectionate and curious little lady. She should mature under 30". Purity's foal are always born fairly large but often stay very small. Last time she was bred to a micro jack she produced Cinderella who was born 21.5" and matured to 29" and so we expect Moonshine to be even smaller at maturity. This is the smallest foal at birth that Purity has ever produced. A deposit will hold her until weaning.

Sale Pending


B.J. Monique

Gray and White Spotted Medium wooly (may carry ivory) jennet
Height: 33.5"
(85 cm)

GM Conrad's Spot On, 32" gray spotted ivory carrier

Windcrest Bobby Sox, 31" gray ivory carrier

DK Jack Daniel, 31.5" gray spotted ivory carrier
Gladybrooke Liberty, 30" gray
Bits & Pieces Faith, 34" gray not registered Untraced
B.J. Mary Molley , 32.5" gray Sunset Acres Jon, 30.5" gray McLedon's 45 Magnum, 28.75" dark brown
Sunset Acres Danielle, 33.25" gray
B.J. Molley IV, 32.5" gray Sunset Acres Jet, 34" dark brown
B.J. Molley, 33.5" gray


2012 brown spot micro jack (sire: Tracer)
2014 jennet (sire: Rowdy)

Monique is a sweet medium wooly jennet and a great mom. She has produced two beautiful foals for us. Her first foal is maturing under 30", very dark brown spotted, and very wooly. Her second foal is on the smaller side and looks to be full frosted spotted white and has a fantastic build. Monique has a gentle personality, perfect bite, and finer boned build. Monique will be available after she weans her newest jennet foal whom we are planning to retain. She will be available to go to a new home in August after her foal is weaned.

*UPDATE: Currently being exposed to our micro wooly jack, Skeeter.

Sale Pending


Arrow Creek Tracer

Black no cross NLP wooly Jack, few white hairs star
DOB: January 29, 2005
Height: 32.5"

Arrow Creek Black Jack, 31.5" black

Arrow Creek Licorice , 33" black

NLC Carlos , 32" gray
NLC Black Diamond , 32.5" black
B&S Ernestine , 31" gray Glacier Springs Sam , 33" brown WOOLY
Texas Robina , 36" gray
Arrow Creek Traci, 32" gray WOOLY Arrow Creek Hudini , 30 " black CURLYcoat McLedon's 45 Magnum, 28.75" dk brown
DLE Angel, 31" gray WOOLY
Arrow Creek Doc , 31" brown dun Arrow Creek Diaz , 30.75 " gray
Gardner's Jennet , 33 " gray


We have been using Tracer as our primary breeding jack for our wooly program for the past 4 years. We have retained some of his jennet foals, and have his dam in our brood jennet herd. We have some new herdsires this year so we are offering Tracer for your consideration.

Tracer has a wonderful very stocky build. His legs are correct. His bite is perfect tooth on tooth. He is a true black NLP with a few white hairs for a star. He almost always puts stars on his solid colored foals. He has produced some fabulous foals for us several of which have been exported to Europe. He has consistantly thrown very wooly foals when bred to wooly or wooly carrier jennets. He does not have the common wooly lines originating from the MGF wooly herd. His foal's birth heights have ranged from 19" to 22" out of 30" to 35" jennets with most on the smaller end of the scale, even out of larger jennets. He has produced one foal whom we retained that has one blue eye and one brown eye. He does a good job downsizing his offspring. There are several of his foals that will certainly mature well under 30" that were out of 32"-34" jennets. He also has offspring with his previous owner that have shown and won.

We pature breed him. He has always been pastured with jennets at our farm. He is easy to handle and given lead line 'pony' rides to little kids. He is a wonderful boy and we hope that someone else can enjoy him as much as we have.   

Sale Pending




Moriah and Storm

(listing for a friend)



Trail's End Moriah: Dark brown wooly jennet 3 yr old ~34"


Thom-Ass Summer Storm: Gray spotted jennet 10yr old ~33"


Owned by Doro Bergeron and Located in Bedford, VA


Moriah's sire is MGF Stolli Too and her dam's name is A Hint of Mocha. Moriah and Storm are both registered with the Miniature Donkey Registry. Both girls are very sweet and good for the farrier. Both are open and ready to breed or make wonderful sweet pets. They are for sale as a pair only.

$2700 OBO for the pair

Contact for more info



About our Donkey Sales


All of our donkeys are well socialized and handled daily.

They are all used to and good with our dogs, cattle, and cats.

Our donkeys are all vaccinated annually, dewormed regularly, and have thier feet trimmed every 3 months (or more often if needed especially if young).

All donkeys sold for over $1500 will have a Coggins test and Health Certificate provided if needed.

Their health and happiness is our top priority.

We will not sell donkeys to homes that do not have other animals for them to live with and much prefer to have them go to homes with at least one other donkey. They are much happier animals and better pets if they have a donkey friend.

All of our donkeys are sold with a new halter, lead rope, health records, transfer papers, information on how to care for your donkey(s), and assorted other donkey information.

We can accept payment plans and even Paypal (add 3% to sales price for Paypal payments).

A 20% deposit will hold your donkey for you. All donkeys must be paid for and picked-up within 3 months. If you opt out of a donkey sale within one week your deposit will be refunded. If you opt out after that your deposit can be credited toward another donkey for sale on the farm.

All donkeys must be paid for in full before leaving the farm. Personal checks must clear before they leave.

We will happily help you arrange for shipping nationally or internationally, but we do not provide shipping for you unless otherwise arranged. Shipping expenses are not our responsiblity.

If we do not have what you want we can either help you find your donkey(s) or you can be placed on our notification list. Just let us know. We are always happy to help.

Visitors are always welcome. Just contact us for an appointment.

Questions are always welcome. We love to talk donkey...even if we don't sell ya' one :-)

We are pretty firm on our prices (our animals are worth what we ask), but we will often consider assorted trades too...for other animals, tack, farm equipment, etc.

Jacks (intact males) are NOT pets:

A jack has all the impulses to perpetuate the species and the intelligence and strength to over power rivals - including you. IF YOU ARE NOT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF HANDLING THESE RULES - Don't keep a jack intact! Geldings make great and safe pets.



Tara Pilonero Wiles

(540) 750-6315 cell

(304) 466-2528 home



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