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SAW Midnight Snicker'Snack

(aka NickNack)

Very dark brown/black with cross, wooly jack
DOB: 29 July 2014
Birth Height:
17.5" with some slippers still attached

N&D's Lonestar Snickers , 29.5", dk brown WOOLY

EA Dr. Donovan , 28.5", black

EA Dr. Chaboom, 32" black NLP
EA Milan, 29.5" gray

N&D's Lonestar Lorna, 31.75" dark brown

GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29" gray spotted
Arrow Creek Miss Liz , 32" dk brown spotted
Treworlas Magic's Beauty , 32.5" brown NLP WOOLY

Spring Lake Black Magic, 31.5" black with cross

Sky Point Donkeyote , 32.5" dk brown
Windcrest Magnolia , 33" gray

Ma & Pa's Black Beauty, 33.5" very dk brown NLP

Circle C Ace of Spades , 32.5 " black with cross NLP
R&D D&H Lizzy , 34.5" Black

This little guy is the smallest foal we have ever had born here. He is so tiny and adorable! He already has a really thick wooly coat too. This is probably going to be one of the wooliest foals we have raised as well as the smallest. He has a perfect bite. His legs are straight and wide set. His head is adorable and he appears to be well proportioned. We are extremely excited to see this little man develop. He will be retained as a herdsire prospect.

Exposed to the following jennets for 2017 foals:

Kosta (brown wooly carrier)

Jane Dough (brown semi-wooly)


Exposed to the following jennets for 2018 foals:

Shiloh (black and white spotted wooly)

Shania (gray dun wooly)



Lord's Hill War Dusty

dark brown micro-mini wooly carrier
DOB: 14 May 2012
Height: 27.25" (70 cm) at 3 years

LN Mr. Pips Queak, 26" black

LUA Maxx's Deja Vu, 31" black

Spotted Acres Maxx, 32.5" black wooly carrier
LUA F's Hannah, 31.5" gray/brn possible ivory carrier
AA Dyna Bit, 30.25" brown S. Bit of Dynamite, 30" gray/brn
AA Yukon's Concho, 31.5" brown
Lord's Hill Raven's War Paint, 31" gray spotted WOOLY Two Bit Warlock, 31" gray spot wooly Brea Mor Poncho, 31" gray
Two Bit She's Magic, 35.5" tri color spot
Lord's Hill Reba's Raven, 32" dk brown Nee-Hi Farm Bartholomew, 30" gray wooly
Heermann Homestead's Reba, 34" dk brown

Tiny and almost perfect. Dusty has one of the prettiest little dished heads we have seen on a jack. This tiny guy also has a nice wide chest, compact body, full rump, and perfect bite. His dam is one of the wooliest jennets from Lord's Hill Farm and his sire is a diminutive 26" jet black jack. He didn't get his dam's extreme wooly hair, but he still carries the genetics to produce it when bred to wooly jennets. We are excited about him leading us forward toward our goal of smaller wooly donkeys with diverse pedigrees. He has the sweetest personality ever and he gives his sweetness to his foals as well.

Offered for Sale


Visiting Herdsire for Reference


Arwenvale Blue Moon

Black micro-mini wooly jack
DOB: 21 Aug 2012

Sunset Acres Avalanche, 29.25" brown spotted

Sunset Acres Hot Day in July, 29" brown spotted

MGF Prime Time, 30.5" black spotted
Sunset Acres Tsi ne Nezi, 29.5" brown wooly

Sunset Acres Hip Heart, 28.5" brown gray spotted wooly

Ark Park Acres Apple Dumpling, 33" brown wooly
MGF Venus Eyes Only 007, 31.5" frosted spotted whitewooly
The Elm's Show Me Victory, 33.5" dark brown

EA Dr. Chaboom, 32" black NLP

EA Rambler, 33" dk brown
EA Tabatha, 32" dark gray dun

The Elm's Queen Victoria, 31.75" gray dun

Springlake Black Magic, 31.5 " black with cross
Windcrest Annie II , 32.5" dark gray dun

This fabulous little guy is visiting from Top Hats and Longears Farm of Riner, VA through the spring of 2018. He is not only very well built and extremely small, but he has a fabulous gentle loving personality to top it all off. He has produced some extremely tiny offspring and some nice wooly foals for Sarah and Jason. We are extremely fortunate to be able to host him here while they transition their farm to a new location.

Exposed to the following jennets for 2018 foals:

Raven (black wooly)

Oreo (brown spotted wooly)

Spring Song (FFSW wooly)

Lady Baccarat (brown spotted wooly)


Past Herdsires for Reference

N&D's Lonestar Skeeter

brown/gray micro-mini WOOLY
DOB: 24 May 2012
Height: 28.5" (72 cm) at 3 years

Arrow Creek Cowboy, 28" gray spotted

Arrow Creek Kostas, 31.5" gray spotted

Valley Hy Harry's Laddy, 34" gray spotted
Arrow Creek Angel, 33" red/brown
B&J Little Jubilee, 30.25" gray Arrow Creek Diaz, 30.75" gray
B&J Rochelle, 35" gray
N&Ds Lonestar Sassy, 30" black N&D's Lonestar Judge Roy Bean, 31.5" gray spotted Double N Ditto, 31.5" brown spotted
Double N Baby Doll, 31" gray
Gee Haw's Annie C., 32.5" gray Millers EC Mr. Spock, 33" dk brown spotted
Someday's Dolly Gee, 31" gray

Exposed to the following jennets for 2017 foals:

Spring Song (FFSW wooly)

Queen (brown spotted wooly)

Princess (brown spotted wooly)

Brooke (brown spotted wooly)

Magic's Beauty (brown NLP wooly)


Arrow Creek Tracer ~ sold

Black no cross NLP wooly Jack
DOB: January 29, 2005
Height: 32.25" (82cm)

Arrow Creek Black Jack, 31.5" black

Arrow Creek Licorice , 33" black

NLC Carlos , 32" gray
NLC Black Diamond , 32.5" black
B&S Ernestine , 31" gray Glacier Springs Sam , 33" brown WOOLY
Texas Robina , 36" gray
Arrow Creek Traci, 32" gray WOOLY Arrow Creek Hudini , 30 " black CURLYcoat McLedon's 45 Magnum, 28.75" dk brown
DLE Angel, 31" gray WOOLY
Arrow Creek Doc , 31" brown dun Arrow Creek Diaz , 30.75 " gray
Gardner's Jennet , 33 " gray



N&D's Lonestar Rowdy I ~ sold

Micro-mini Brown/Gray and white spotted curly coat ivory carrier
DOB: 17 April 2006
Mature Height: 27.5" (70cm)

GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke, 29" gray spot

GP Oscar, 26.5" gray

McLedon's 45 Magnum, 28.75" dk brown
Hainey's Star, 27.8" gray
GP Bernice, 29.5" gray spot Hume's Exotic Bingo, 31" brown spot
GP Liz, 31.5" gray
Gee Haw's Rose Petal, 27.75" gray Someday's Cadillac Jack, 27 " gray Someday's Sorentino, 26.5" gray
Someday's Antoinette, 32" gray
Gee Haw's Morning Rose, 32.5" gray 758's Rosebud, 32" red
Someday's Mona Lisa, 33" gray

SOLD - Went to The Netherlands



MGF Gorky Park - sold


Gorky side shot

Brown and White Spotted wooly Jack
DOB: September 14, 2006
Height: 31.5"

MGF Stoli Too , 31" black/wht spot wooly

 MGF Peabody , 33 " gray/wht wooly

GP Peanut, 33.5" spot
Boone's Little Patches, spot
Venus Pon Farr 502 , 31.5" dk brown The Fireman, 32.5 dk red
Venus Uhura 82, black
Ark Park Acres Rainbow's Goldie ,33" brown wooly Ark Park Acres Number Seven , 32 " dk brown untraced
Ark Park Acres Rainbow Brite , 32.5" dk brown Ark Park Acres Number Seven , 32 " dk brown
Ark Park Acres Number Six , 33 " dk brown

SOLD - Went to Australia





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